Q: Being vintage inspired, is you only offer vintage/retro graphics for my business?

A: Absolutely not. My primary focus is with vintage design technique, however the possibilities are endless and if a modern graphic is what you're after, thats what will be delivered.

Q: Can you work help source someone to fabricate/make the parts you help me design?

A: Yes! Coming from a background in vintage automotive, motorcycle, military vehicle and aviation restoration, the resources are endless and can be worked with directly to achieve any goal you may have!

Q: What kind of formats can you deliver? My print shop needs a specific file type.

A: Smithy Graphics Co. creates most graphics using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and can even dive into the traditional ink and paper methods. I will work directly with your print shop to make sure they get exactly what they need for the best result!

Q: Do you do consignment art?

A: I am always happy to consult on a commissioned piece, regardless of media. Digital, fine-art, digital/film photography and 3D/CAD modeling are Smithy Graphics Co.'s specialties.

Q: What is your rate? Do you do flat rate or hourly?

A: Every project is different, on some of the simpler designs we can work with a flat rate plan. The more intricate graphic work can fall into hourly and I will be sure to keep you within your budget.